Monday, July 18, 2011

home sweet home

This past week I've been on hiatus partly due to me being super lazy... but I took my DAT so I suppose I'm entitled.  This weekend Dan and I drove to my hometown for my mom's birthday.  On Sunday I showed him around Port Huron and we spent the day lazing around the beach and swimming in the refreshing but slightly chilly Lake Huron.

After the beach, my mom made her incredible and super authentic tacos (homemade shells and all!)  

Today was our last day in town and we decided to play some mini golf and race go-karts (which I won, duh) before going to Lucky's Steakhouse for dinner to celebrate Mom's 50th.  The bread, blooming onion, and my filet were all fantastic..even though my steak was a little closer to well-done than I had hoped.

I don't make it home very often, so when I do it's always nice to relax.  I also love to see my parents and my dogs, the newest of which is a tiny toy poodle.  She adored Dan and could not get enough of him.  A good-looking man and a dog...who could resist?

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