Thursday, August 18, 2011


The last of my (many) boxes are packed and I'm planning on moving the rest out in the morning.  There's something about moving that's refreshing.  New place, new space.  I am, however, going to miss my wall-to-wall windows but hey, having my own house is going to be pretty freaking fantastic!
Don't get me wrong now; packing is pretty stressful.  Dan and I had several arguments over my massive quantity of belongings I recruited/forced him to help me move.  Being a man he just doesn't seem to understand the necessity of a giant clothing/shoe collection as well as boxes of cosmetics and beauty products.  Boys.  Although, I do agree that I probably don't need 5 different kinds of candles, paintings, pictures, memorabilia, decor, etc.  This move has made me realize that I definitely need to downsize my collection and quantity of STUFF before I move yet again in a year.  Hmmmfff.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This weekend the boy and I drove 10 hours down to Washington DC to visit my dad (for me) and to meet/impress my dad (for him).  We had such a great time in the food-and-cocktail capital of the world--this does not represent the views of Lonely Planet or the capital's congressmen, but whatevs--that my stomach and liver are no longer celebrating.

I regret not taking pictures of "Virginia Wine Country," but rest assured that the sights were even more delectable than the wine...

I was mostly excited about the scenery and the beautifully historic homes.  Someday, if I ever make my million, I'm moving into an old plantation and starting my own show on HGTV.  I was that impressed.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I admit, I've been a little lazy with my running program.  I started with guns blazing, but suffered a severe progress plateau about 2 months in.  My running started getting harder, and my lung capacity seems like it's decreasing.  Ugh.  Yesterday, however, I looked at my calendar and realized that the Detroit Half Marathon is only 2 months and 8 days away.  With school starting soon I know I won't be able to run as much as I'd like, so I've decided to punish myself for being so lazy with two-a-days until I get back into a groove.  Wish me luck!