Monday, June 20, 2011


Today I shadowed at a pediatric dentistry office for the first time. Synopsis: LOVE.

I'm hoping to start shadowing there on a regular basis to observe more procedures and how the doctors work with the children. My favorite case of the day was with a boy named Tyler. Tyler has Down Syndrome and an absolute doll! Probably the sweetest kid I've encountered, and definitely the most calm in the dentist chair! Another challenged patient I saw today was autistic. I learned a lot by observing him, including the patience and compassion it takes to help an autistic child.

I believe that today was a turning-point in my path to becoming a dentist. If I ever had doubts about my career choice, they were all extinguished. I am more confident than ever because I know that I am truly passionate about dentistry and about helping people. Perhaps I'll even become a pediatric dentist someday :)

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