Friday, June 24, 2011

finding my inner style diva..of sorts.

Fall in love with your closet, treat it well. <3

Lately I've had the inspiration to become a style diva --whatever that means--. Considering the fact that I am absolutely and devastatingly broke (thank you, Sierra, for forcing me to pay $1000+ of your rent FOR you), I've been spending my time de-stressing at the local Salvation Army, as well as the clearance racks at my very favorite Urban Outfitters.

I've enlisted the help of several style blogs to help me craft my wardrobe, which sadly up until now was lacking. With their style secrets and my natural affinity for cheap basics, I've been building up my closet. A truly neverending project, but I must say that of late, I am falling in love.

Some of you may say "well since she's broke, what the hell is she doing shopping?" Well to answer your questions, I allow myself to splurge on clothes (only under $20!), I a) stopped going out and spending money on bar tabs, and b) eat out only at restaurants to which I have giftcards (thanks Mom!).

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