Monday, December 17, 2012

i'm going to dental school!

It's been a long and crazy couple of months with interviews, essays, and lots of waiting, but I've finally made it!  Out of the 5 interviews I went to at Michigan, Pitt, LECOM, Detroit Mercy, and Colorado, I received first-round admissions offers from all five.  I narrowed my choice down to Detroit Mercy and Colorado, and after LOTS of thinking, praying, and tears (yes, it's been an emotional process!) I've decided to attend Colorado!  I'm still not sure it's the most realistic decision, as the tuition is twice that of Michigan, and it's very far from home, but I really need it.  I need to get out of Michigan and start over. I'm so excited to leave my past behind me and start a new life out west!

University of Colorado-Denver School of Dental Medicine, Class of 2017!

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