Wednesday, September 5, 2012

thoughts as a curly girl

As a child, I was teased for being the girl with the "afro."  My mother never knew how to style it and ended up brushing out my locks in a frustrated attempt to get me to school on time in the mornings.  As I grew into adolescence, I begged my mom to buy me my first flat iron one day on a trip to Target.  Of course I had no idea what I was doing and would end up really only straightening the front, leaving the back of my head a nappy mess, but I was thrilled with the results.  Over time I became more skilled with my Conair, while my hair gravely suffered the consequences.  In eighth grade I finally asked for a new straightener for Christmas and began my research.  The stylists at my salon used the brand HAI and I was in love.  I found I could buy the exact same one here (it's currently on sale!) and that was the end of the story!  I absolutely adored my straightener, and we spent 5 happy years together.  When it finally died, I re-purchased an identical one, and took it with me to college.

Although I loved the versatility that came with straight hair, and experimented with different styles, it wasn't until I really did some deep soul searching before I learned to embrace my God-given curls.  Now, I haven't touched my flat iron for over two years, and my hair is healthier and happier than ever!

I hope all you readers can learn a thing or two from this post, to love yourselves for who you are, because you're all truly beautiful on the inside!

My super-long straight hair in high school

Me with my best friend freshman year in college.

Me today, embracing my natural, God-given, curly girl pride :)

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  1. Love all your different hair styles. Your curls are so cute! They're so perfect!

    Suzie Q
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