Friday, February 3, 2012

i'm baaack!

I suppose I'm an awful blogger leaving you all out of the loop and all, but to tell the truth, I've been feeling far as blogging is concerned.  I rounded out finals with a bang and managed my best semester yet!  Whew, what a relief!!  Winter break was fan.tas.tic. and I got LOTS of sleep.  On the downside, however, I managed to gain 10 pounds with the lack of stress hormones coursing through my body..and the never-ending trays of Christmas cookies.. ohhh boy.  Anyways, I recently started planning my senior year spring break (!!!) and am going to whip my butt back in shape in preparation!  Panama City Beach, here I come :)

Where are you all headed for Spring Break?


  1. nice. xo

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  2. We have no Spring Break plans yet! So boring.. hope you're off to some fantastic place! :)

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  3. welcome back! congrats on winning running on happiness contest!