Monday, September 5, 2011

school starts tomorrow.

I've been settled in my new house now for a couple of weeks and finally all unpacked.  School starts tomorrow, so to prepare, my 5 roommates and I threw a housewarming/welcome week party last weekend.  I would definitely say it reach near-rager status as our house was jam-packed and we went thru 2 kegs in the course of a couple of hours.  Good times :)

We also  had our opening season football game this weekend at the BIG HOUSE.  It was 95 degrees and we're seated in a sunny section of the stadium.  I started feeling crampy and nauseas as the game started and ended up leaving shortly after the first quarter.  My roommates that weren't at the game took me to the after hours doctor's office in Ann Arbor and from there I was sent straight to the hospital for an ultrasound and to potentially have my gall bladder removed that day.  Seven hours and several tests later the doctors at the hospital concluded that I, thank God, didn't need surgery.  Now, however, I'm on a strict and very boring diet which prevents me from ever eating late-night and hangover pizza again.  Hmmpf.

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  1. Sorry to here about the sickness! I watched that game on TV and it was incredible, coming from somebody that couldn't care less about football means something. Glad to hear you're all settled in, and I hope school is going well. Take it easy Ali.