Wednesday, May 25, 2011

to punctuate or to punctuate obnoxiously--that is the question

My oh-so-dear friend Laura just got back stateside from a semester abroad frolicking with Kiwis, so we were porch drinking in celebration of her first day back, which was also coincidentally the last day of warm weather. More of her and our friends arrived to join the festivities and as the beer and cheap vodka started flowing, we somehow got into the conversation of the respective contexts of hahas, lols, and smiley faces in text messages. This also got me thinking...what about the obnoxious multi-letter/punctuation texts (read: no fucking wayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!)?

How much is too much? And which, out of the hahas, lols, and smiley faces are appropriate and in which scenarios? Someone should write a book...

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